Claire Rivers

This song was written in the summer of 2020, recorded in the autumn of 2020, mixed and mastered in the summer of 2021, and released as a single on September 3rd 2021



Pulling inspiration from the 90s grunge scene of his native state, Milo Stanfield [lead singer of Wonderbad,] creates a nostalgic portrait of self-reflection and growth in this piece titled Song of Solitude.

Wonderbad Band Members [left to right]: Ezra Stanfield, Milo Stanfield, and Casey Garland

"Ashes to Ashes" is the ending of a nursery rhyme and that of a shadowed time. Specifically, it is the beginning of the end- the first three words of the last line -of "ring around the rosie" (which was of course, a reference to the bubonic plague), and here we are again in plague to a degree, societal structures falling down. Tomorrow there will be a solar eclipse encased in a ring, not rosie, but bright white and fiery red.


Each week, the dewy-eyed and hopeful bloomer, Franz, will face off against the jaded and cynical doomer, Kami. It’s up to you to decide who wins.

They discuss current events, leftist theory, praxis, and history, and feature special guests with relative expertise in a wide range of subjects.


Bulletproof Blues presents eight blues/alt-country tracks with themes reaching back to the American western expansion tied to their modern counterparts. Led by energetic vocals on a foundation of acoustic and electric guitars, this album displays beauty beside violence to remind us of our capacity for both.

Bulletproof Cover Art.png

Hailing from the folky psychedelic soundscape of Austin Texas, a city where the skyscrapers still dustily echo the musical movements of the '60s and '70s, she put on her boots and settled down in the small town of Olympia, Washington. An infamous college town trapped within a time capsule of the '80s and '90s, a city where the streets still swim with ghosts of the grunge, punk, gothic, and riot girl movements of the (more than ever), relevant past.

This album is an exploration of her experiences accompanied by a healthy dose of reverb and abience.



With one foot in the past and one in the future, Sunshine guides the listener through the rich vocals and bold melodic lines of lead singer, Denim Protege, supported by dace friendly organic and electronic musical elements.

FORM DESTROYER is a passionate and energetic neo-soul band formed in Olympia Washington with wild electronic leanings- yet they maintain the full interplay and instrumentation of a traditional band. Centered around the fluid yet commanding vocals of songwriter and front Sam Pohl, the band works to construct an encapsulating and textured aura of sound; seeking to connect and resonate with everyone.